11.7.21: Stock Market Research, College Degree Requirement Drop-Off, Infrastructure Revamp, and Semi-Conductor Updates

Flow and Ebb of the Stock Market: New study lays out theory, defining market fluctuation. The theory revolves around cash flow in and out of market. For every dollar that goes into the market, it shows a response of $5 increase; the reverse effect is also true for a dollar taken out: when markets are bullish, more people tend to buy in, causing the market to continue to compound upon itself. The research performed, shows the market rise, share buybacks and government stock purchases are potential market catalysts, as shown in the study by: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3686935

College Degrees: Are now less important for the labor market than two years ago. While education is what moves us forward, the requirement for degrees has been reduced by nearly 16% for many job occupations – reported by EMSI Consultant group. Employers are hamstrung by the current market; an ease in restrictions and barriers is assumed, however, in the future, the restrictions may return. Restrictions are introduced in a labor market where employers are able to be more selective. Economists do not expect the labor market to return to pre-pandemic levels. Open hire events continue to represent the needs: Manufactures, retailers, and hospitality business continue to lower requirements. The labor market is so shell-shocked that many are getting second and third chances to come back to their former employers after leaving them. The employee now has the ability to show up as they choose. The current economy will be lifted by those able to be creative in their problem solving: Finding Solutions to Retention.

Semi-Conductor Shortage: Growth in demand has stemmed a semi-conductor shortage. The supply remained consistent, however, due to a growth in use by technological advancement. Advanced technology has made the demand for more sophisticated chips rise; a rise that the semiconductor’s producers are doing their best to fulfill. The cost of equipment for FABs (Fabrication factories) has increased. Used equipment from 1995 – Lithography – has increased in price from $100k to $1.7 million: 2014 to 2021 – respectively. The cost and planning for a new FAB presents a new problem; for now, prioritization and promises are driving the semi-conductor chip market.

Infrastructure: The Goal Is to Increase economic growth by 1.9% per year. Current economist believe infrastructure done properly will allow for an overall gain to productivity and output, by the entire country. Some stand out points that I realized: Internet to un-serviced areas, larger array of EV chargers, and up to an increase of 560,000 jobs: The goal is to reduce unemployment and start to pull the economy into a new level of development.

11.4.21: Ready Player One, The Smoking Gun, and What the Meme!

The Rise and Fall: Meme stocks; after doubling overnight Avis drops by 16.54%, large bets were placed. Buyers and Sellers: Predicted the stock would drop back to the previous weeks value or double to reach nearly $600. Avis stock is being fueled by the Meme Stock Market: A company that gains a cult like following through social media and online presence.

NY – Concealed Carry: Both Sides Must be Heard. Supreme court judges are continuing to field information; the perspectives of those that live and breath the NY lifestyle, specific places still remain in question. Should those be allowed to bring arms to sporting events and on the transit system? One side states that the omnipresence of the police are enough; however, other sides show that criminals will still have guns and the right to protect oneself may win out.

The Meme Train continues: Bed Bath and Beyond climbed 15.22% on 11.3.21 (Wednesday); Bed bath and Beyond has purchased back $400 million of their own shares, with the ultimate goal of owning 1 billion in the near future. Bed Bath and Beyond has partnered with Kroger, driving a larger number of consumers that rely on convenience (The book of Danny). The Meme market continues to be driven by the short seller: Those that borrow stock (leverage – Think Debt) to sell high, in anticipation the stock will fall: Which allows them to buy back at a lower price, returning the shares and close out the account with a profit.

Meta Goes Dark: Messaging for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp crashed for nearly six hours on 11.3.21; Meta is the new umbrella company previously known as Facebook. The Company continues to transition to the future, repositioning itself as more then just social media. Facebook continues to plan, hire, and seek individuals to help create the Metaverse: Intentions to bring internet and reality to a whole new world. More to come on the future of reality.

Las Vegas Stripe: MGM hands off The Mirage; shifting focus to sports betting, international casinos (Japan), and other shifting opportunities. Las Vegas Stripe rearranges itself after the impact brought and the impact that lasts – How can we better prepare ourselves: The Book of Danny; Covid has opened the world to new possibilities that didn’t exist before. Companies are re-strategizing and thinking through what actually is moving their mission and vision forward. The process of eliminating what you don’t need, to help find what will work, continues to be an ongoing struggle for companies and the people of the world.

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11.3.21 – Afternoon Brief: Emissions, Cyber-Security, Marriott, and The Airlines

1 P.M

American Airlines; a ongoing battle: 1900 flights disrupted over the weekend, airlines are caught in a holding pattern: Understanding Root Cause. As air travel fights constraints, the new battle continues to move forward. The way we must rebuild a global economy. The negative experience surrounding air travel continues to effect the outcome of the global economy. With fuel price on the rise the airlines expect to navigate growing concerns of cost, hoping to move their way into 2022, ending the year with the profit that can hold onto.

The Financial Sector: Impacting Climate Change. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance play a large role moving into the unknown, for 2020 there is 5 trillion set aside; it is estimated 150 trillion will be the target to complete the sustainability project for 2050: Zero Net Carbon Emissions.

Net Zero Emission: The goal of balancing and removal of greenhouses gases; The future looks toward trees and carbon capture devices to help balance the scales. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has identified oil and natural gas production as a the leading methane problem. Nations continue to unite to work towards the common goal, deforesting reversal is underway: Look towards 2030 for this project to be completed.

Cyber Security Specialists: Continue to work with the federal government on patching soft spots, currently the project has been underway since 2017 and has carried into 2021: 290 weak points have been identified, classified information and breach’s continue to remain in the limelight as cyber security takes a new form in a rapidly changing world of tech.

Marriott: Reports Job application uptick, with more positions to fill; the Chain continues to manage it’s changing strategy. Hotel cleaning staff has been reduced across the industry. The future of Hospitality has been opened up by the Pandemic, new strategies and change continue to fuel innovation and growth. Customers needs continue to change: The Book of Danny, “I foresee more customers and guests being put to work; I believe in the self-sufficient consumer, as I choose to live in convenience”

11.3.21 – Mid Morning Update: Politics, Food waste, and Logistics

10:30 A.M:

Minneapolis – Vote for police reform, falls short by a 12% differential; Objective of police reform: Build out social programs, preventing by utilizing resources from other places (Social workers, counselors, and etc…). The ongoing problem of police departure continues to play an impact on the community, many officers in Minneapolis are stepping down from their duty. The resulting, is a rise in crime: Reform Takes Time.

Virginia Governor: Economic condition, the biggest impact towards the decision. Youngkin won the white male population, while McAuliffe was uplifted by black and female population; however, Youngkin carried a large margin, of those without degrees. The numbers show; for more detailed information visit: https://www.wsj.com/articles/behind-the-numbers-of-the-virginia-gubernatorial-election-11635923354?mod=latest_headlines

Strava: Executive Moves, in recent events – Strava has inherited the former Pintrest Executive: Lily Yang, has walked with Pinterest public offering in 2019; the current direction of fitness company Strava is to stay a private entity.

Inflation Outlook: 3.6% rise in September. Inflation has been carried by large demands, supply chain bottle necks; currently to rent a semi chasis the wait list is deep until next year. The problem lies in the cargo sitting at docks, trucks are unable to meet the demand coming up. The lack of drivers and chasis continues to present a new challenge.

Knight-Swift: Trucking Company capitalizes on large profits, as early preparation pre-pandemic paved the way for success; during the lean times, the extra equipment was acquired. C.H Robinson is the largest trucking company worldwide, the current rise in profits – Up 80% vs last year.

Food waste: Current food waste data shows 30-40% of food in the US goes to waste. VC’s (Venture Capitalist) look to cash in on sustainability, making the world a better place. The trend is towards tech solutions, honed around small start-ups; However, the rising introduction rate to change – a burden in all of business, is starting to show major push back towards increase sustainability programs.

Morning Highlights 11.3.21 – The New News: Restless Productions

SPAC = Special Purpose Acquisition Company: Black Rifle Coffee Goes Public, Black Rifle Coffee – Veteran owned; SPAC = Blank Check, that prepares companies to become publicly traded. Black Rifle = The mission isn’t about politics: The Mission is about Serving our Veterans.

Tik-Tok: Personnel Change. Tik-tok, owned by parent company Byte Dance has made the executive decision: Byte Dance CFO Switches Focus. The current plan is for the CFO (Chief financial officer) to transition focus to full time CEO of Tik-Tok. Byte Dance continues to face pressure from Chinese Government Regulations.

Tesla: Stock Price in Flux, Elon Musk has negotiated with Hertz: Hertz has the proprietary deal for Tesla Rentals, The book of Danny say’s, “The infrastructure must settle, before things are adopted into the current climate.” The current push to charge quick with friendly service, will hopefully navigate the market to a new focus – Savings are going to Electric, a negative into a positive: More to come on Mr.Musk

Avis Stock Doubles: The Rental Demand is here, currently the supply chain stays under tight constraint. The demand for the automobile is present, we wait to see if the supply will fill the need. Solutions are being made, the current progression of the top Rental Companies: Shift the Gear Towards EV. Hopefully you owned Avis, The stock Apexed. Shattering a market single day gain: Stock Price Doubled from from $185 to $357; The DOW (Industrial Average – Public Trade Companies) has reached an all time high on Nov 1st. Inching it’s way above 36000.

Facebook Goes Meta – The current shift to re-branding is underway. The company pursues 10,000 employees to fill the role of the the Meta project – Welcome… Ready Player One! The recent news, followed by a decision to remove facial recognition software from the Facebook platform. Shows the progressive switch to the future.

Cryptic Crypto: Oversight is recommended by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). The current flux in new coins, leaves the market unstable. The current process of Crpyto-Currency (Think bitcoin, etc…) shows high levels of volatility. SEC chairman Gary Gensler: The 13 year inauguration shows the maturation to adult hood. The US government believes oversight is the future of Crpyto-Currency.

In Repair: Recovery – Back Into Reality

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