11.3.21 – Afternoon Brief: Emissions, Cyber-Security, Marriott, and The Airlines

1 P.M

American Airlines; a ongoing battle: 1900 flights disrupted over the weekend, airlines are caught in a holding pattern: Understanding Root Cause. As air travel fights constraints, the new battle continues to move forward. The way we must rebuild a global economy. The negative experience surrounding air travel continues to effect the outcome of the global economy. With fuel price on the rise the airlines expect to navigate growing concerns of cost, hoping to move their way into 2022, ending the year with the profit that can hold onto.

The Financial Sector: Impacting Climate Change. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance play a large role moving into the unknown, for 2020 there is 5 trillion set aside; it is estimated 150 trillion will be the target to complete the sustainability project for 2050: Zero Net Carbon Emissions.

Net Zero Emission: The goal of balancing and removal of greenhouses gases; The future looks toward trees and carbon capture devices to help balance the scales. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has identified oil and natural gas production as a the leading methane problem. Nations continue to unite to work towards the common goal, deforesting reversal is underway: Look towards 2030 for this project to be completed.

Cyber Security Specialists: Continue to work with the federal government on patching soft spots, currently the project has been underway since 2017 and has carried into 2021: 290 weak points have been identified, classified information and breach’s continue to remain in the limelight as cyber security takes a new form in a rapidly changing world of tech.

Marriott: Reports Job application uptick, with more positions to fill; the Chain continues to manage it’s changing strategy. Hotel cleaning staff has been reduced across the industry. The future of Hospitality has been opened up by the Pandemic, new strategies and change continue to fuel innovation and growth. Customers needs continue to change: The Book of Danny, “I foresee more customers and guests being put to work; I believe in the self-sufficient consumer, as I choose to live in convenience”

2 thoughts on “11.3.21 – Afternoon Brief: Emissions, Cyber-Security, Marriott, and The Airlines

  1. That is a very good question; I will pass it on to the person living in Prague: Studying/teaching international affairs, speaks fluent Russian: He can give us the details! At least on Russia. Thank you for your question, it is much appreciated: Lets learn and grow together!


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