11.3.21 – Mid Morning Update: Politics, Food waste, and Logistics

10:30 A.M:

Minneapolis – Vote for police reform, falls short by a 12% differential; Objective of police reform: Build out social programs, preventing by utilizing resources from other places (Social workers, counselors, and etc…). The ongoing problem of police departure continues to play an impact on the community, many officers in Minneapolis are stepping down from their duty. The resulting, is a rise in crime: Reform Takes Time.

Virginia Governor: Economic condition, the biggest impact towards the decision. Youngkin won the white male population, while McAuliffe was uplifted by black and female population; however, Youngkin carried a large margin, of those without degrees. The numbers show; for more detailed information visit: https://www.wsj.com/articles/behind-the-numbers-of-the-virginia-gubernatorial-election-11635923354?mod=latest_headlines

Strava: Executive Moves, in recent events – Strava has inherited the former Pintrest Executive: Lily Yang, has walked with Pinterest public offering in 2019; the current direction of fitness company Strava is to stay a private entity.

Inflation Outlook: 3.6% rise in September. Inflation has been carried by large demands, supply chain bottle necks; currently to rent a semi chasis the wait list is deep until next year. The problem lies in the cargo sitting at docks, trucks are unable to meet the demand coming up. The lack of drivers and chasis continues to present a new challenge.

Knight-Swift: Trucking Company capitalizes on large profits, as early preparation pre-pandemic paved the way for success; during the lean times, the extra equipment was acquired. C.H Robinson is the largest trucking company worldwide, the current rise in profits – Up 80% vs last year.

Food waste: Current food waste data shows 30-40% of food in the US goes to waste. VC’s (Venture Capitalist) look to cash in on sustainability, making the world a better place. The trend is towards tech solutions, honed around small start-ups; However, the rising introduction rate to change – a burden in all of business, is starting to show major push back towards increase sustainability programs.

4 thoughts on “11.3.21 – Mid Morning Update: Politics, Food waste, and Logistics

  1. This is a huge win for police and the people they serve: ALL OF US!! Happy to see sanity prevail in the vote and hoping that “defund the police” goes out like dial up internet, horse and buggy transportation, and cloth diapers.


    1. 🥲🕺: spoken from a true Minnesota Man, Skol! However, I do agree with reform; the utilization of social and psych workers are a valuable asset, when culture syncs. How long that takes? Your guess is as best as mine.


  2. When I call 911, I need help from the police – not a counseling session. These are two separate issues that need additional discussion – not an “either or” approach.


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