Morning Highlights 11.3.21 – The New News: Restless Productions

SPAC = Special Purpose Acquisition Company: Black Rifle Coffee Goes Public, Black Rifle Coffee – Veteran owned; SPAC = Blank Check, that prepares companies to become publicly traded. Black Rifle = The mission isn’t about politics: The Mission is about Serving our Veterans.

Tik-Tok: Personnel Change. Tik-tok, owned by parent company Byte Dance has made the executive decision: Byte Dance CFO Switches Focus. The current plan is for the CFO (Chief financial officer) to transition focus to full time CEO of Tik-Tok. Byte Dance continues to face pressure from Chinese Government Regulations.

Tesla: Stock Price in Flux, Elon Musk has negotiated with Hertz: Hertz has the proprietary deal for Tesla Rentals, The book of Danny say’s, “The infrastructure must settle, before things are adopted into the current climate.” The current push to charge quick with friendly service, will hopefully navigate the market to a new focus – Savings are going to Electric, a negative into a positive: More to come on Mr.Musk

Avis Stock Doubles: The Rental Demand is here, currently the supply chain stays under tight constraint. The demand for the automobile is present, we wait to see if the supply will fill the need. Solutions are being made, the current progression of the top Rental Companies: Shift the Gear Towards EV. Hopefully you owned Avis, The stock Apexed. Shattering a market single day gain: Stock Price Doubled from from $185 to $357; The DOW (Industrial Average – Public Trade Companies) has reached an all time high on Nov 1st. Inching it’s way above 36000.

Facebook Goes Meta – The current shift to re-branding is underway. The company pursues 10,000 employees to fill the role of the the Meta project – Welcome… Ready Player One! The recent news, followed by a decision to remove facial recognition software from the Facebook platform. Shows the progressive switch to the future.

Cryptic Crypto: Oversight is recommended by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). The current flux in new coins, leaves the market unstable. The current process of Crpyto-Currency (Think bitcoin, etc…) shows high levels of volatility. SEC chairman Gary Gensler: The 13 year inauguration shows the maturation to adult hood. The US government believes oversight is the future of Crpyto-Currency.

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