11.4.21: Ready Player One, The Smoking Gun, and What the Meme!

The Rise and Fall: Meme stocks; after doubling overnight Avis drops by 16.54%, large bets were placed. Buyers and Sellers: Predicted the stock would drop back to the previous weeks value or double to reach nearly $600. Avis stock is being fueled by the Meme Stock Market: A company that gains a cult like following through social media and online presence.

NY – Concealed Carry: Both Sides Must be Heard. Supreme court judges are continuing to field information; the perspectives of those that live and breath the NY lifestyle, specific places still remain in question. Should those be allowed to bring arms to sporting events and on the transit system? One side states that the omnipresence of the police are enough; however, other sides show that criminals will still have guns and the right to protect oneself may win out.

The Meme Train continues: Bed Bath and Beyond climbed 15.22% on 11.3.21 (Wednesday); Bed bath and Beyond has purchased back $400 million of their own shares, with the ultimate goal of owning 1 billion in the near future. Bed Bath and Beyond has partnered with Kroger, driving a larger number of consumers that rely on convenience (The book of Danny). The Meme market continues to be driven by the short seller: Those that borrow stock (leverage – Think Debt) to sell high, in anticipation the stock will fall: Which allows them to buy back at a lower price, returning the shares and close out the account with a profit.

Meta Goes Dark: Messaging for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp crashed for nearly six hours on 11.3.21; Meta is the new umbrella company previously known as Facebook. The Company continues to transition to the future, repositioning itself as more then just social media. Facebook continues to plan, hire, and seek individuals to help create the Metaverse: Intentions to bring internet and reality to a whole new world. More to come on the future of reality.

Las Vegas Stripe: MGM hands off The Mirage; shifting focus to sports betting, international casinos (Japan), and other shifting opportunities. Las Vegas Stripe rearranges itself after the impact brought and the impact that lasts – How can we better prepare ourselves: The Book of Danny; Covid has opened the world to new possibilities that didn’t exist before. Companies are re-strategizing and thinking through what actually is moving their mission and vision forward. The process of eliminating what you don’t need, to help find what will work, continues to be an ongoing struggle for companies and the people of the world.

Have a wonderful morning, Thank you everyone for reading!

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